My interest in photography dates back to a middle school camera club. I was fortunate enough to find a high school with a vocational photography program. I did a brief stint in the army. On discharge I enrolled in a vocational photography course at a local community college. I matriculated to California State University at Los Angeles. I studied photography and fine art. I continued graduate work in education and received a Masters degree in education. I began teaching art, after seven years as an art teacher I found a position as a photography teacher. I continued to teach photography, painting and design for the next thirty years. I have also served in the capacity as a mentor and master teacher for new teachers entering the profession.

During my tenure as an educator I always considered myself as an artist who happens to teach. With that concept in mind, I continued to develop my own work. I have taken freelance work participated in shows and pursued additional course work in efforts to hone my abilities as an artist.

I have left my education career in order to pursue my passion for photography on a full time bases. Over the years I have accumulated a sizable body of work that reflects my personal and unique perspective.

I have adopted basic conceptual methodologies. Be true to the media, be concise in artistic concepts, visual organization and craft. Photography means drawing with light, so how I use light is one of my first considerations, it effect the mood of the picture. No other media renders motion as photography can so when ever possible I will introduce motion as a visual element. Artistic integrity is paramount to create photos that engage the viewer. I strive to make each photo its own invention. Basic composition is always a consideration to organize the elements of the photo. Photography is a precise craft. I work to control every part of the process to bringing the image to fruition. I choose to take the most ordinary things and photograph them in an extraordinary way to create my art.